rainy festival backyard elopement | ny woodstock

A rainy day spent in the woods celebrating love <3 we created these flower pops all over the yard and focused on muted color tones to make the day feel like a vintage meadow. After the ceremony we repurposed the bridesmaids bouquets to hand like a greenhouse under the porch and shifted the ceremony pieces to the tent to really make the venue come together.

ALSO how INSANE are these photos by @sammycaldphoto?! my girlllllllll

A glimpse into this wedding set up:

My mind, that song mombo number five but with flowers, dancing to this song silently in my head while being violently poured on during a set up at 9am. 

A little bit of statice in my life

A little bit of chrysanthemum by my side

A little bit of peony all I need

A little bit of ranunculus what I see

A little bit of stock out in the sun

A little bit of pepperberry all night long

A little bit of toffee, here I am

Then for some reason the last part out loud while doing a maraca shake with my hands; 

A little bit of you makes me your man (ah)

I had to ring out myself like a sponge after but flowering in the rain still be fun @Sarahnapora