A little over a year ago I decided to take the leap and pursue flowers full time- being the anxious person and brand new momma that I was I ran full speed ahead. Thinking that I needed to hustle harder, do more, and go after bigger things.. trying to ensure that I didn’t miss the train on this ever so changing and fast paced industry, ya know?

hi, i'm kelsea!

I looked tired, I was tired, I truly didn’t recognize myself at all so I started setting boundaries a few months ago and saying no and let me tell you this has been the hardest thing. Before I would always say yes, stretch myself so thin that I never slept or felt present. The healer and feeler in me grieves like I am constantly letting people down, what that might do for my business that I have worked so hard for, but there is really just one of me and I have to prioritize to be my best self.  Please know that if I have to say no to something I’ve spent 2 hours dwelling trying to make it work, but In the end this might have just collided with the one day I had planned to go strawberry picking with my daughter and hottie husband.

Somewhere along the way I became extremely saddened, overwhelmed— realizing that I was missing out on the moments with hazel that I had always dreamed of. I do wish that I could go back and tell myself to take things slow— it will be there later. I see so many women feel rushed, pressured to hustle to keep up and let me tell you that wearing a diaper at a wedding three days after I gave birth.. in that moment I felt so powerful, but SO sad now thinking that I may have displayed this unrealistic expectation. What I didn’t realize was that all this busyness and chasing after other things was actually pulling me away from the sweetest + most fulfilling parts of this industry and motherhood.

my story continued..

Poppy the Camper

my reasons

"Kelsea created our elopement on a brisk November day, and made it into the gorgeous event that it was. I can confidently say that it would, and could not have happened without her. With about a 30 day lead time, Kelsea created magic out of nothing. I gave her just a general color palette and she was able to create a vision that was better than I could have imagined.  

From designing the florals to staging the reception venue, she truly went above and beyond to create our perfect day. Even trekked into the woods to find the perfect log for our wedding back drop. While all of these things were invaluable, the thing that stuck out the most to me was her ability to bring the most positive energy to that day. She made me feel like anything was possible and everything was taken care of. A sense of assurance at every corner. I cannot recommend her enough!"  


If you know someone needing a little extra love and light or would like to host poppy for an event please contact us!

working with you would be a dream